Natural Palma Dulce Incense קטורת טבעית
קטורת פאלמה דולסה קטורת טבעית
Desert Scent Incense קטורת טבעית
Natural Palma Dulce Incense קטורת טבעית

Desert Scent

Palma Dulce Incense

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Palma Dulce Incense

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The Palma Dulce incense emits a sweet and light fragrance, hence the name dulce which translates to sweet from Spanish.

The Palma Dulce’s aroma can create:

  • soothing and peaceful atmosphere
  • perfect for prays and spiritual ceremonies

Its scent is distinct and powerful, and it can help to:

  • clear negative energy
  • promote a sense of calm and tranquility
  • Its smoke is elevating and promotes inner peace

It is also used in cleansing rituals, as it is believed to purify and protect. It is often used in ceremonies and rituals to connect with the divine and promote harmony.

This non toxic, wild harvested herb incense is made in small batches