Hey :)

My name is Yigal.

I'm the creator behind Desert Scent.

At a very young age I saw incense for the first time, that someone was selling on the street in Tel Aviv. The sweet smoke charmed me and since then the addiction began.

In India, years later, the addiction became severe and I returned with packages of interesting incense from wherever I found them on the trip. I would light several incenses a day until one day I started to feel that the smell was no longer pleasant to me. At first I didn't understand what happened, but an internet research revealed to me that most industrial incenses have a synthetic substance that is petroleum based.

Many people develop sensitivity over time and there are those who are more sensitive and those who are less sensitive. It's not extreme for me, but I no longer enjoyed the smoke as I used to.

Fast forward a few years, when I lived in Colombia, I saw local resin being burned on coals for the first time and the smoke was clean and nice and it felt right and accurate. It was the first time I felt and smelled copal.

When I returned to Israel I started mixing resins and herbs in a very intuitive way and from there began a journey of about 6 years until my incense reached their present form. It was a process where I learned and got to know new materials. I read every bit of information I could find on making incense and distilled all the knowledge along with my intuition into Desert Scent.

As far as I'm concerned, the learning continues and I'm still building new recipes and adding scents and products and improving the technique while listening to what you ask, want and tell me. My goal is to make nature accessible in the best and most convenient way for daily use in the form of a
natural, high quality and pleasant incense.

100% Natural 100% Love