Dragon Blood Incense. קטורת טבעית
Dragon Blood Incense, קטורת טבעית
קטורת דם הדרקון, קטורת טבעית

Desert Scent

Dragon's Blood Incense

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Dragon's Blood Incense

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Using Dragon Blood natural incense can be a deeply enriching experience that promotes a sense of calm and relaxation.

The scent of Dragon Blood resin has been used for centuries for its

  • grounding
  • healing properties
  • purify the air
  • promoting a sense of peace and harmony in the environment

This handmade incense contains a blend of

  • Dragon Blood
  • Copal
  • Frankincense

The aroma of this incense promote a connection with the earth, grounding the mind and body, and promoting a sense of stability and balance. Overall, the user experience of Dragon Blood natural incense is one of

  • tranquility and inner peace
  • helping to create a space that is conducive to meditation
  • spiritual practices
  • and self-reflection.