Desert Scent Incense. Pure Resin Incense

Incense as a prayer

In this entry, I share part of my beliefs about using Incense as part of my prayer ritual. Embedding my intentions while preparing it with a clear mind and spirit.
Desert Scent Incense. Natural Handmade Incense

Release part 2

In this post, I release and cleanse outer influences while stepping out of my comfort zone to deepen my appreciation for life and nature.
Desert Scent Incense. Pure Harmonizing Resin Incense

Release part 3

In this blog entry, I release unwanted and unneeded energy, letting go of past conditionings and giving space for truth, honesty and medicine while burning my "purification" incense.
Desert Scent Incense. Natural, Artisanal, Long lasting, Pure Incense

FAQ #2

I get asked so many questions about crafting incense, so I wrote a few of the most frequently asked questions.
Desert Scent Incense. Natural, Artisanal, Harmonizing Incense

The history of incense

In this blog entry, I wrote about the history of incense, based on what i researched and read in the last few years of honing my incense making skills.
Desert Scent Incense. Natural Handcrafted Quality Incense

Copal incense

In this blog entry, I wrote about Copal Resin Incense and its traditional benefits and uses.