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Palma Dulce

In this blog entry I wrote about a unique herb which is growing in the high Andes and wild harvested by local natives- Palma Dulce
Palma Dulce
After a long time I waited for her, she arrived.🌺
Just before Passover and spring, I received a shipment from Bolivia of extremely fine Palma Dulce and I have already made a new and fresh incense of incense that dried in the spring sun of the prairie 🌞.

The leaves of the palma dulce resemble a palm, hence the name - sweet palm. The smell is sweet and intoxicating and envelops and opens the heart. 🤍
For me, personally, it came just in time (I believe everything is accurate and I am still always surprised anew by the precision that the cosmos summons for us) that the heart aches a little and somehow the palm reminds me how good it feels. How nature envelops and comforts - in good and bad. How much healing is there in letting the pain be and being in the pain. How good that what drives me is love and how good that I distinguish between love and fear. 🌿
We opened... 😊
I haven't mentioned for a long time that my incense is 100% natural, without extracts, chemicals and scent enhancers.
Each stick burns for more than an hour at home and brings with it the energy of the plants, harmony and a pleasant atmosphere. 🌪️

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