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The difference between natural incense and industrial incense

In this entry, I share my perspective on the differences between a natural incense and an industrial one.
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What is the difference between my incense and the Indian incense?
Why is it better to burn my incense?
Why doesn't my incense smell strong until it is lit?
I come across a lot of people who really like #incense and still don't know #naturalincense and also quite a few people who don't like incense because it gives them headaches.
So I decided to write a post that might sort things out...
If you didn't know - most industrial incenses are not natural. What it means? that a machine made incense without smell - just a mixture of charcoal and wood powder and then dipped it in a smell essence. These scent extracts are really strong so the smell of this incense is strong even before lighting. But... these extracts are based on chemicals and petroleum which is really, really bad for us to breathe for a long time and that's why some people get headaches or just don't like regular incense.
This is where I come into the picture. Prepares you 100% natural incense. I use high-quality raw materials from plants - resins, seeds, roots, herbs and fragrant trees to create incense that is much better and pleasant to consume at home.
Do you know someone who still burns unnatural incense at home? Tell them...

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