Each stick burns for more than an hour in a closed space. You can also turn it off and on depending on what you want

Basically, after I grind all the ingredients for the recipe, I weigh and filter and then add water and wash until I get a uniform dough that looks and feels like a lump of clay. From this lump I pinch small balls and roll them into a stick shape and then leave to dry in the sun

No. I use only the plants themselves - resins, trees, roots, leaves, flowers, spices and more...

The incense is 100% natural

A big part of my job is to find suppliers of quality raw materials. I always try to get as close as possible to the person who grows or collects the plants

Sometimes I travel and meet the same collectors or traders in the markets in order to choose the best quality materials for the incenses shown here

You can light one side of the incense stick with a match or lighter, give it a few seconds to burn and blow out the fire and let the end continue to smoke.

You can walk around the house with the smoking incense or "shower" in the smoke or simply stick the stick in its stand - in any case the smoke will purify the space in the house and the energies