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The process of building a new recipe

In this blog entry, I wrote about my process when I make a new recipe for my incense.

I want to share one of the processes I like the most within the Desert Scent process which itself is a process in motion and learning and growth within the super process of life.

The process of building a new recipe...

Each new recipe starts with the idea of ​​a new combination, a new raw material that came to me, a certain purpose for which I can mix precise raw materials or a special request for custom incense.

In the second step, I refine the raw materials and create an initial base recipe of about 7-10 units.

The next step is the most interesting for me - the result test. Now that the initial recipe has dried and is ready for testing - I turn it on and check - does it light up well? Is the smell pleasant? Does the incense produce enough smoke? Is the combustion good and uniform? I write down all the impressions and thoughts. It could be that the incense lights up, but goes out after a few minutes... It could be that the smell is not pleasant enough in my opinion or it could be better...

I am quite strict with myself in order to bring to the world a fine natural incense that is made by hand, from excellent materials with a lot of love.

The next step can be divided into two: there is a situation (happens a lot) that the combination, the raw material or any other reason - just doesn't work for me and the recipe together with what remains of its initial incenses is thrown away 🤷🏽‍♂️

The second option of this step in the process is that I apply all the impressions I made to myself over several days when I lit and sat with the new incense and make a new recipe according to those impressions 🤓. There can be changes of half a gram here or there in each of the ingredients of the second attempt of the new recipe. It could be that one of the impressions was that an additional raw material, which was not in the initial attempt, would be added to the new recipe.

This step of precision can be repeated over and over until the recipe is perfect for me and ready to go out into the world.

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