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Release part 5

In this blog entry, I release what no longer serves me to make space for the medicine which is in me.
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Release part 5.
I took a few days to rest and went down to Sinai to rest. I looked at the last period, the crowded, busy and even that there are no complaints, even though I'm the most disappointed that can be, even though I love my job more and more... I felt a physical, mental and mental need to take a few days of rest. I packed new incenses that I wanted to test and some of the older ones, a bathing suit, some treats and went down with a friend to indulge ourselves in the amazing energy of Sinai... the relaxing, the confronting, the validating, the exacting. I love and am connected to the desert energy.
The naked, clean energy, the one that has no barriers and restraints, the one that gives me the truth in the face, the one that shows me my mistakes and brings me to release unnecessary charges.

Today I release guilt when I rest.
Today I let go of guilt when I do what is good for me.
Today I release self-criticism.
Today I release disturbing thoughts because of someone else's criticism of me.
Today I release unnecessary desires.
Today I release unnecessary stubbornness.
Today I release myself from expectations that are not mine.
Today I let go of what other people think of me.
Today I give freedom to my imagination.
Today I give space to my beliefs.
Today I listen to my intuition.
Today I release what and who is not true and accurate to me.
Today I choose to see the abundance that exists around me.
Today I choose to feel compassion.
Today I release the side that judges others.
Today I am at my own pace.

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