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Just before the holidays

This blog entry is my rant about how advertising my craft is becoming necessary, if I want to be seen and known- or at least this is what social media wants me to beleive.
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Does not contain marketing content.
Summer signals that it is about to end and just before the season that I like the most, I felt the need to stop for a moment and take a short vacation, and since Sinai was busy - I found myself in Sublet for two weeks on the Carmel beach.
I traveled without my fair kit and only with a few individual materials, so that I could play and try something new but mainly so that I wouldn't do anything but rest, because I tend to be active and in motion and I really had to stop. Calculate route. observe the road. To do things I haven't had the chance to do in a while like going to the beach and watching a series on Netflix... turn off the brain for a bit.
I happened to be on the networks quite a bit during this time.
I was exposed to a lot of content. interesting and less interesting. Positive and less positive. But now, a minute and a half before the holidays, a lot of marketing content...
Lots. And that's amazing to me. I am, of course, a typical latecomer and put off my marketing like I put off a dentist. 🤦🏽‍♂️ I understand that this is one of the steps I must take.. but I feel that there are restraints there.
On the one hand, I like that my business is run organically, by word of mouth, through introductions at a stand or festival and without feeling that I am pushing my work like a merchant, but as a creator of a product that has many layers and uses, which I enjoy seeing and hearing how you discover them and enjoy them in your own way ... and on the other hand - today there is a lot of supply of very talented people, and a lot of sponsored marketing content and this is noticeable to me.
The pressure towards marketing is felt. And also the desire to reach the consciousness of more people who still don't know Desert Scent.
I want to share that I am very confident in the quality of everything I do, but sometimes, when the fair is weak or when sales drop, I ask myself "Where to?" and "Why?" or "Is this my place?" "Where can I improve?" and other such questions.
This is an unloading post and not marketing content...
I am not the most active person on social networks. Hardly posts. Even less take photos for Reels, etc. (even though he occasionally tries) and even when he uploads something beyond the story, it is rare that he markets my work style "a special incense that fits X or Y now on sale for the holidays, link in bio, stock is running out, only today only today" and not It will be interpreted that there is some kind of criticism of those who do market - on the contrary, it comes from a bit of jealousy that I'm just not like that and a thought that maybe I should try to be a little more like that...
Thank you for being part of my journey. Thanks for the reflections and shares.
I wish everyone a happy new year, full of medicine, health, contemplation, inclusion, inner peace, goodwill, precise intentions, brotherhood, attention and love for self and others. 🌿🦉🔥🪶🛖

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