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Incense as a prayer

In this entry, I share part of my beliefs about using Incense as part of my prayer ritual. Embedding my intentions while preparing it with a clear mind and spirit.
Incense as a prayer.
In the last workshops that I conducted voluntarily for the victims and evacuees of October 7,
All the participants prepared incense for themselves and for themselves with a personal intention and chose the aromatic substances, the medicinal plants, from the intention of which they wish. An intention that they will give and pass on - they will burn it further with every stick they light. An intention that will rise with the smoke and disperse and arrive and heal.
An intention that is also a prayer. A prayer that is also incense.
When I make incense, I clear my head of negative thoughts. disconnects Focusing on the quality I ask the incense to bring to those who will receive it. Lately I have been asking for and targeting purification, peace and harmony.
I feel that a part of the soul passes with the intentions, through the heart to the hands and on to the dough that rolls and turns into incense which in time turns into a prayer in the form of smoke...
I believe there is power in prayer and intention together with the qualities of the plants.
During the days when I volunteered to deliver the smoke medicine, prayer and guidance, I noticed the smiles that arose during the sniffs and the selection. For the healing in doing the exact thing for everyone in choosing the ingredients and setting the intention. to the change that took place during the craft... mixing, kneading, rolling... which for me personally has already become an inseparable part of life, so I don't always manage to notice the changes that happen to me during the process, but it was interesting to see it on those who came and tried it .
In this period, when everything is complex, I am incensed from the same prayer for calm and quiet days and aspiration for the peace of the soldiers and the abductees.
I pray for harmony from the inside out.
and invites you to use the medicine of smoke for your prayers.
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