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On the properties of the materials versus the intention

In this Blog entry, I wrote about the qualities of the plants I use vs. the intention I put into it while I roll it by hand.
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I have a confession to make. 馃槼
It's not a secret at all... anyone who knows me or has met me knows what my position is when it comes to the esoteric side of plants. The side that says this plant does this and that plant does that... 馃檮
I come to a lot of fairs and festivals and I'm constantly asked "What's good for X?" or questions like... "What relaxing incense?" "I need something for Y" 馃槓
So before I find out what the confession is (the truth is that I already wrote about it once...) I just want to say that I'm not contradicting everyone who writes that this incense or plant does this and the other plant does that... but you need a little more soup to light incense/make incense Planted into its forms for "raising the frequency" or "grounding" or grandiose promises of this kind. I personally believe this is a good start, but there is no panacea in the form of smoke that will ground you if you keep scrolling and looking for distractions... there is no smoke that will bring you abundance, if you don't do something to promote and help that abundance come... on the other hand... if Set an intention and be with it for a moment - everything you put into it will help.
So that was the punch 馃く. Maybe I'll write why I believe this? Before I started selling incense, and experimenting at home with the plants and their smoke, I had a long process of studying and reading articles and books and everything I could find on the subject. The fact that I speak English and Spanish increased the amount of potential material to read - and I read. There were many books that wrote about what each plant does. There were overlaps but not always... sometimes I found that in one book Moore's resin was used for one thing and in another for something else... but what really intrigued me and I found repeated was the fact that in every ancient culture local aromatic plants were used to purify the sacred space.
purifying. This was what was repeated. And I'm talking about long before the concept of "earthing" was invented.
Let's think about it for a moment... In those days, thousands of years ago, they would make a sacrifice to the gods/idols.
The smell must have been harsh... there were no sewage systems... and I don't know about you - but if I enter a room with a harsh smell - chances are I won't stay in the room for long. So they burned some plant that had a good smell, and over time it turned out that it really helped... the people felt calmer. The atmosphere was more pleasant. harmonic quiet An energetic place has become available for prayer and intention 馃檹馃徑
Later studies proved that there really are smokes that make more good smelling soup. The smoke of white sage has anti-bacterial substances and the smoke of frankincense has anti-microbial substances but there is no scientific proof that these smokes will "connect you to higher worlds" or anything like that.
What I have to add here is that our sense of smell is very associative... which means that if I went to a church and smelled frankincense there - the smell of frankincense will remind me of churches and everything involved in the experience - for better or for worse. Do you have a smell that reminds you of something specific?
And a last word - the beloved moor resin is attributed with grounding and focusing properties. What did they do in South America that didn't grow more there? Didn't land? Didn't focus? Or did they simply set the intention to ground themselves and focus when they burned what they had - for example Kopal..? 馃
I invite you to try... sit back and give an intention. Be with her a moment. Light up/infuse and feel it.
I would like to take this opportunity to point out that this is my opinion. For me it works. And I'm always open to hearing the opinions of others... My job is to make accessible the good smokes, most of which have been in use for thousands of years, in the form of a natural, high-quality incense stick for daily use and not to "sell sticks" and make promises that I can't stand behind.
The only thing I can guarantee is that the 100% natural incense is made with 100% love.
And by the way - Palo Santo, about which so much has been written and said - the natives I know in South America use it only to keep mosquitoes away. 馃し馃徑鈥嶁檪锔

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