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Necessary Escapism

In this Blog entry, I wrote about the necessity to turn to nature for a warm embrace.
A Prayer Reading Necessary Escapism 2 Min Next Release part 6
Escapism is necessary.
Today, after a long time, I took a break from the news and updates and took advantage of the pleasant autumn sun of the Arava desert and went out into the amazing nature near my house.
I needed a break from all the bad energy that's going around the world right now, which frankly, is affecting me.
I took new photos and stayed for a moment in silence without cellular reception and without worries and destabilizing thoughts.
I remembered how beautiful and fulfilling nature is.
The incense I brought with me for the photo shoot is a new incense I'm trying with medicinal plants from the Bible. Some of the plants used in the biblical incense with my additions and a frequency of prayer for serenity. For the return of those wo were kidnapped and the end of collective suffering.
And with this smoke and this frequency I disconnected from everything around me. I took pictures and then I was present. I felt the crunchy soil beneath me. Tracks of porcupines on the still damp ground. I stared at the  hills around me with the crazy texture of after the rain and the colorful mountains of Moab in front of me. The air is clean after the rain and the sky is clear and blue. I breathed autumn into me. I breathed out pain and sadness that had been building up since it all started. I promised to return soon, to recharge myself with what is good and beautiful and pleasant and to let the healing and relaxing smoke rise and reach those who need it...

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Medicinal plants from the Bible
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I hope you are well and remember that it is important to take care of ourselves and know when we need this moment, to disconnect and heal.

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