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Incense making troubleshooting

Troubleshooting while making Incense.
Incense making troubleshooting
So you started making incense... you discovered that it's a whole world... and that the possibilities in it are unlimited...  Sometimes there are problems. So I prepared this post (which has been sitting in my planning corner for a long time) that will bring together all kinds of problems that can arise and their solutions, if any...
Come on let's dive in…
I'll start with the most basic - every incense must have three main components (when some can serve a double role - we'll soon understand..)
1. Burning material - powder of wood or coal that will keep the incense burning. There are trees such as sandalwood that can be used both as an aromatic and as the burning agent. There is a tree called Cinnamomum Camphora known as Mako (I don't use it, at the moment) that is used as a burning agent and also as a binder that does not affect the smell.
2. Aromatic material - resins, herbs, trees, flowers, roots, spices and basically everything we want the smell of in incense.
3. Binder - can be a resin such as guar or gum arabic that does not affect the smell during burning, but binds the aromatic substance to the burning substance.
Problems that can arise-
1. Mold - one of the components wasn't completely dry, or you didn't let the ready incense dry completely... there's nothing you can do. Dry well next time.
2. Your dough does not come together - lacks water or binding agent.
3. The dough is too sticky - if it is from excess water - you can roll it out and let the dough dry a little. If it is an excess of binder - the incense will not light or keep burning anyway - you can add more of the other components, while maintaining an appropriate proportion between the aromatic and the burning agents.
4. The incense is ready and does not light, or goes out all the time - too little burning material/too much aromatic material/too much binding material. (You can try to grind again and add what is missing)
5. The incense is really fragile - a lot happens in charcoal-based incense. You can try to combine (in the appropriate proportion) another kind of burning agent or an additional binder - such as Mako powder, or joss powder, in addition to the binder resin.
6. The incense is difficult to roll - it could be that one of the ingredients is not ground enough. The easiest solution is to add some water and say thank you for not making a double amount this time...
Did something else happen to you that I didn't list? Send a comment and I'll try to help.