Costus Root Incense קטורת טבעית
Costus Root Incense קטורת טבעית
Desert Scent Incense, קטורת טבעית

Desert Scent

Costus Incense

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Costus Incense

Neot Hakikar 68

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Neot Hakikar 68
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Costus incense is believed to have a soothing influence on the mind and body, and is said to protect and enhance inner strength. 

It is also used to

  • promote relaxation
  • grounding
  • improve mood

Costus is also said to have:

  • protective qualities
  • enhance inner strength and resilience
  • helping individuals to navigate difficult times with grace and fortitude
  • help to connect with our inner selves
  • find clarity and focus
  • and tap into our own innate wisdom and strength