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FAQ #2

I get asked so many questions about crafting incense, so I wrote a few of the most frequently asked questions.
*Questions I am asked about the incense, part 2.*
I am often asked about the naturalness of the incense, how it is prepared and the ingredients. 🌱

So come on let's get started....🪴
First of all, I use *only* natural ingredients🌿.
This means that I take the ingredients - resins, barks, herbs, spices, trees - grind to a fine powder and filter. Weigh and combine the recipes, adding water to create a clay-like dough. Make small balls and roll the sticks by hand and then leave to dry.
There is a short video here 👇 in case you haven't seen the process yet

Every incense must have 3 main ingredients-
A combustible, an aromatic ingredient and something to bind them together.
Combustion materials can be coal, pecan shells, sawdust from trees such as pine, sandalwood and cedar.
Aromatic ingredients can be resins, spices, herbs and bone, depending on the purpose of the incense, but technically you can use anything that can burn 🔥.
A binder can be a resin that will not affect the smell during burning.
This. That's the whole Torah...
Want to try and make incense with me?
Talk to me, I do workshops. 🧑‍🔧

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