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Release part 6

In this blog entry, I release pride and grudges along with embracing gratitude and accepting past mistakes.
Introduction to release number 6.
The hardest thing, in my eyes, in the spiritual journey of life, is to see my mistakes. Where I did something wrong, admit the mistake, understand it, learn from it and see that I am not always perfect. It is difficult. It hurts. And sometimes I prefer not to see that I was wrong.
I'm only human and that's human - but it's also good to examine things and be able to see the mistakes. Maybe I didn't appreciate someone enough, even though he helped me a lot and I didn't even say thank you..... It could be small things like I was focused on myself and my little problems, to see that someone is dear to me even in a problem and maybe needs help too..... It could be that I criticized because it's easier to look outside...
Has this happened to anyone else?

Thanks to all those who illuminated.
Thanks to all those who reflected.
Thanks to all those that our paths cross.

Release part 6.
Let go of the pride that blinds you.
Release the dignity, because the ego is a lie.
Release the laziness that degenerates you.
Let go of the resentment that stuck in you in the past.
Release the conditioning of the past - the present is waiting for you to wake up.
Let go of the desire to be right - it doesn't really change anything.
Let go of criticism and gossip - it says more about you than the person you are gossiping about.
Let go of the victim feeling, it does not contribute to anything.
Let go of those who do not value you enough and take advantage of your goodwill.
Don't keep it in your stomach, but don't explode either - find the time and the way, they will come. Release and you will be released.

Make room in your life for joy. Celebrate life, despite all the difficulties - and you will find value in yourself, in your life, in your surroundings.
Make room in your life for gratitude, it will bring with it an appreciation for the abundance that exists around you.
Make room for compassion. She will open your eyes and teach you to accommodate, love, accept and forgive.
Make time and space to leave the comfort zone - that's where the growth and learning is.

*Applies of course to all species.

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