Desert Scent Incense. Pure Harmonizing Resin Incense

Release part 3

In this blog entry, I release unwanted and unneeded energy, letting go of past conditionings and giving space for truth, honesty and medicine while burning my "purification" incense.
About releasing and relaxing from what does not serve us.

Spring has arrived and with it new winds of change, 🌪️ new endings, new beginnings, new energy, new medicine, new growth and new insights.💪🏽

In the midst of a cleaning and tidying session during the holiday, energy cleaning also arrived. I felt how I was holding on to connections that no longer flow with who I am today.🛖🪘🔥
I saw how these connections and holding on to the past were reflected in my reality.
The memories will always remain. And my door is always open. Even if my truth is not understood. Even if my truth is not heard. Even if my truth conflicts with someone's truth or hurts, it is my truth. 🔥🌀
My compass works fine. My conscience is clear. My intentions are good. My morals are in the right place.
Everything is accurate and everything is for the better and from difficult moments and leaving the comfort zone, comes growth. 🌿
In the cleansing I lit incense with white sage, palo santo, frankincense and copal - purification. 🪶
The house was filled with sweet and bitter smoke 🌪️ and washed the house from the heavy energies. I released I let go. I let what needed to happen - happen.

How It Works? I really don't know. I lit the incense knowing and intending that the plants would do what I asked of them and they did. ☺️

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