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A little About Me

In this blog entry, I wrote a bit about me and my history and process with incense and incense making.
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Hey :)
I want to introduce myself to those who don't know me yet.
My name is Yigal. I stand behind Desert Scent.
I'm usually an introverted and quiet person, so I really like the magical and quiet place where I live in a palm grove a little south of the Dead Sea, in the square.
At a very young age I started cooking at home and naturally, when I was 20 years old, it became my profession for 15 years until I decided that I no longer enjoyed working in restaurants and the burnout was too much for me and I turned to other avenues. During this time I was cooking I was a chef and pastry chef.
I managed to live in the USA for two years and worked there in gourmet restaurants and got paid in pastry.

In retrospect, I think that working in the kitchens helps me a lot in building the recipes for the incenses and perfumes and all the other formulations that I prepare for myself in the peace and quiet of my home...
Besides the USA, I also lived for more than 4 years in Colombia. I came there for the first time on a trip with friends and fell in love. It took me 3 years to gather courage, follow my heart and move there. I learned Spanish and at some point I opened a bar - which today seems like an unfunny joke because nowadays I don't touch alcohol....
During the years in Colombia I learned medicine from plants and it was there, in ceremonies, that I learned for the first time the use of smoke as medicine. the beloved gray copal. It happened after a period when normal cigarettes were no longer pleasant for me and I fell in love with smokes all over again. (Maybe another time I will expand more on the process that happened from that point to the moment I created my first incense that burned from start to finish and even smelled good!! Haha)
When I came back to Israel, I went back to live in the square, where my brother and his family live, where I also lived years ago in Colombia. This time I rented agricultural land, planted a date palm grove, built the house where I currently live and started working, at the same time as the plantation, in all kinds of odd jobs in the settlement. During the Corona virus, I had a lot of time to do exactly what was needed with the incenses, which until then, I had been preparing for myself for several years, and I set out on a new path that still surprises me and brings me to new realms - within myself, in front of new people, new places, new materials and a source of creativity and learning that i love so much
I really like to be purposeful and maybe that's why I'm not the best sales person... It's hard for me to make promises like "if you light this incense - you will find a relationship, abundance will come to you, meditation will be deeper, you will be more flexible in yoga and such... '' I can assure you that I do what I can to make my incenses good and pleasant.
I let them "speak" for themselves. I try to travel as much as possible to choose and bring a selection of quality raw materials. I prepare everything from A to Z myself: grind, filter, weigh, mix, knead, roll, put to dry and at the same time make sure that there are the best conditions for the incense when it dries, bring the boxes and look for the appropriate fairs to bring my gift to the world.
There is still room for improvement and I continue to learn and experiment because the sky is the limit....

I must point out that it has never taken me so long to write a post and this post was full of deletions and rewrites and thinking about what I want to tell about myself... Thank you to those who asked me to tell about myself and took me out of my comfort zone (even though I went there from time to time in the post) Much more to tell and I promise to try to incorporate more in other posts.
Always in gratitude 🙏🏽🤍🤗🌿🦉

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