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The Ten 10 virtues of Koh

The 10 virtues of Koh, according to Japanese incense enthusiasts and makers.
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Koh- the Japanese art of Incense. The Japanese have their ten commandments or virtues for incense:

1. Brings communication with the transcendent
2. Refreshes the body and mind
3. Purifies
4. focuses
5. Serves as company in loneliness
6. Brings peace in turbulent times
7. Not burdensome when there is a lot of it
8. Satisfies even when there is little of it
9. Effective even when you get old
10. Harmless in daily use

I have been wanting to upload this post for a long time.
These ten principles accompany me in the process when I try a new incense.
Each new recipe goes through several stages and precisions before it reaches the sales stage. And every existing recipe continues to be tested over time, to make sure you get the best product I can bring you.
I make all the incenses by hand, from natural materials only, without extracts, oils or scent enhancers.
100% natural. 100% love.
For orders, please contact 0507207208

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